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the band

Absolut Augustine

lead singer / manager / king

Born: September 9
From: Berlin
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Vitals: Blue eyes, platinum hair, 6'

"This is the beginning, gentlemen."

Grey Neville-Smythe

koto player / exotics / gentleman

Born: January 29
From: United Kingdom
Instrument: Koto
Vitals: Grey eyes, white hair, 6'

"underneath your careful hands
at my shoulder, at my eyes
bending now to your demands
maskless master of disguise"

Skye Schezar

pianist / keyboards / prince

Born: September 17
From: Russia
Instrument: Piano
Vitals: blue eyes, white-gold hair, 6' 1"

"So wise in your aloneness, to propose reason, tame desire,
You think to bind you body with your will -
Lust will pull you from the high window of your ivory tower,
It is the mind that wants, that will not be still -"

Sebastien Smirnoff

guitar / strings / rogue

Born: March 27
From: France
Instrument: Electric Guitar
Vitals: Green eyes, red hair, 6'1 "

"black hearted baby face
you put my heart through wicked pace
and when at last i've come unlaced
you put me in the ground's embrace"

Stolichnya Shima

violin / electronica / heir

Born: October 13
From: Japan
Instrument: Violin, Mixing
Vitals: Brown eyes, brown hair, 5'5 "

"once you dreamed the sky was made of water
(falling up falling down)
you said it made you think about your father
(press your fingers all around)
better than the sunset was your laughter
(not a breath not a sound)
thinking all about before but never after
(hold me still let me drown)"


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